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About titanium metal
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Titanium and its alloys have proven to be cost-effective and technically superior materials of constructions for a wide variety of aircraft, marine, industrial and commercial applications. Although it has been mainly used in the aerospace industry (abt 70%), there is a fast increasing body of new applications. Titanium's high strength to weight ratio, coupled with exemplary reliability attributable to excellent corrosion resistance, often makes titanium a superior alternative to steel and aluminium alloys.
Titanium holds the following characteristics and properties important to design engineers in many industries: -
Excellent corrosion resistance - immune to salt water attack as well as exceptional resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis, industrial chemicals and natural waters.
High heat transfer efficiency - when in use, similar heat transfer properties to admiralty brass and copper nickel .
Superior erosion resistance - to cavitation, impingement attack as well as erosion. At least twenty times more erosion resistant than copper nickel alloys.
Superior strength-to-weight ratios - the combination of high strength and low density results in exceptional strength-to-weight ratios for titanium based alloys which are superior to almost all other metals.