titanium spring retainer

Gr5 titanium valve spring retainer
Serial number: JTVR2828


To help improve performance and gain that extra horsepower its always a good idea to lighten up the valvetrain as much as you can. Lightening parts in the valvetrain is one of the more effective ways to benefit from that principle. Decreasing valvetrain weight allows you to rev the engine higher and make more power--reliably. Titanium valve spring retainers are designed with that in mind. They're machined from premium titanium-alloy bar stock to deliver the quality, durability, and reliability you expect.

When you upgrade from steel to Titanium Valve Spring Retainers you gain speed and power, because it is lighter and stronger than steel.

1)Name: Gr5 Ti6Al4V Titanium Valve Spring Retainer Seat with High Hardness

2)Material: Titanium Alloy Grade 5(Ti-6Al-4V)

3)Sizes: Many standard sizes and other customed sizes

4)Surface Quality: CNC machined + Polishing, Surface hardening, Coloring by anodic Oxidation

5)Features: Low weight,High strength

6)Applications: For car valves

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